Discover the Rewards of Volunteer Teaching in Thabom

Volunteer teaching in Thabom, Thailand is a powerful way that you can make a difference while exploring northeast Thailand. English is the indisputable lingua franca of the world. It’s the language of international academia, science and business. By establishing a strong grasp of the English language, our students in rural Thabom are able to access greater opportunities in terms of further education and their careers.

Unfortunately, the chance to study English with a foreign English speaker is largely reserved for students from affluent families in big cities. Less privileged students certainly study English in class, but the focus is on grammar and rote learning rather than speaking and listening. This is why it’s so important that volunteers step up to lend their time and English language expertise in Thabom, Thailand. We strive to connect volunteers with our school’s students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to practice their English with a native speaker.

Students are usually the most proficient language learners. Their minds are already engaged in mastering the concepts, vocabulary and grammar rules of their first language. This often means that they are primed and ready to learn a second language, too. Add to that the natural-born gift children have for mimicking pronunciation, and you have the recipe for a rich and rewarding – not to mention, fun – English teaching experience.

You will be keen on getting an inside perspective on a a region of the kingdom that tourists in bigger cities rarely encounter. In the countryside surrounding Loei province, schools have little chance of attracting international teachers.

A lot of our students grow up thinking that their English ability is next to nil. But sometimes, a few confidence-boosting classes with a native speaker – where they’re understanding more than they expected to and communicating right back – is all it takes to change their minds. As a volunteer English teacher, you become a catalyst for student development.

Our school where underprivileged children attend typically do not have the budget to hire international English teachers. By volunteer teaching English in our school, you’ll be lending your time and expertise to schools that cannot afford to hire foreign English speakers to begin with. As such, this is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children.

Thanks to you, our students from low-income families, broken homes, and other unfortunate backgrounds stand a better chance of acquiring the skills they need to succeed as an adult.

Those with no teaching qualifications may stay up to three months with a non-immigrant visa.  Those with teaching qualifications including TEFL may apply for a long-term visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Please feel free to contact us for more details:  [email protected]